Windlass Motors

Raz Marine can furnish you a like-new Remanufactured motor for your BBHW and other large windlasses. We take a core charge for return of the old motor. We also can repair your motor.

We also have a great deal of experience working with these and other leading brands of windlass (as well as most ANY larger D.C. motors).

Windlass Motor

12V/24V/32V $Inquire
$300 Core Deposit Charge

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Windlass Motor



1. No function and no relay clicks
  Deck control button(s) corroded
2. Runs slowly or lacks power

3. Runs one direction only
4. Makes grinding sound
5. Motor runs but capstan does not turn.

Preventive Maintenance

1. Check power supply and circuit breaker on box.
  Replace or repair.
2. Relay contacts damaged. File and check again.
2. Motor damaged. Inspect and/or replace.
2. Gearbox worn or lubricant absent/contaminated
3. Relay contacts damaged. File and check again.
3. Gearbox main pinion gear worn/damaged
4. Gearbox worn. Dismantle and inspect.
5. Shear pin broken due to overload. Dismantle upper section and replace (aluminum pin only)


At least once after buying your boat, you should inspect the machine (below decks) and check the gearbox lube. If the whole unit looks terrible it must be cleaned, carefully inspected, Osphoed and repainted. The source of leaking water or excessive moisture must be found and treated. To inspect lube, first loosen the bottom drain plug carefully to let a small amount of oil drip out. If the oil is pasty and white it must be drained, the case cleaned out, and oil replaced. While case is empty, stick a finger in and swab around the opening inside the box housing. If you get a lot of bronze dust, it is a sign of main pinion wear and future problems. Fresh oil will prolong life. The big bronze pinion gear is intended to wear preferentially and the material makes for quiet operation.

To check normal level, locate the upper pipe plug on the side of the gearbox, remove the plug and stick a finger in. The correct level is just below the edge of the threaded hole. Use standard 90-W oil to top off.

These machines (when correctly installed and inspected occasionally) will serve you for decades of occasional use. If you use your deck machine regularly, check the oil and look in the control box more often. In frequent use, oil should be changed annually.

Any real repair work in the gearbox should be done by the Galley Maid factory or a good machine shop.

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