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Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Parts
Above Picture shows Partial Parts Included in Warranty
Parts Covered:
All Brushes, All Bearings, All Labor, All Seals, All Stators, All Rotors, armature test and lathing, Bench testing, are all included in Warranty !

What is not covered:
Pumps that have been neglected or abused, water damage, Corrosion related issues, blasting, Painting, Solenoids, External Wiring or shipping, Taxes if applicable. Raz Marine Limited warranty Still Applies.
Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Pump

For All Galley Maid
New and
Head Pumps, HTS,
Discharge Pumps.

*Water Pumps Not Included
*Rebuilt or Repaired pumps not included

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How to Repair and Replace Galley Maid Stator and Rotor in Pump


Life on the water, without water, is no fun!

Your Raz Marine/Galley Maid water pressure pump is simple and reliable, but vulnerable to accidental dry-running due to suction air leaks or an empty water tank.
WPX-T Water Pump Protector

Our new WPX-T Pump Protector will protect your pump against dry-running.

WPX-T shuts down the pump before any damage occurs to the motor. Even the more fragile rubber stator is spared destruction and will work again when the fault is cured and the pump re-primed. The protection circuit re-starts automatically after cooling, but no damage can occur even after many stop/start cycles; until you notice the problem and take corrective action.

Principle of operation (NO microprocessors!):

Through extensive testing we determined that the excessive interior temperature, due to prolonged running of a dry pump and will eventually destroy the motor, is reliably reflected in the exterior/skin temperature. We note that an interior temperature of 150 F is a safe shutdown point. This corresponds to 130 F on the exterior. We use a simple bimetallic temperature switch to turn off the power relay in the circuit box.

We build WPX-T in 12V, 24V, and 32V.

Raz Marine furnished WPX-T in a retrofit kit that can be installed by your own staff on the boat. Alternately you can ship us your pump and we will perform the upgrade.
If we are already repairing your pump, or you would like to purchase a remanufactured pump with this added security feature, add $90.00.
If you would like to purchase this kit and install yourself- $135.00.
Send in your pump just for this added feature- $170.00 including labor.


In general, our remanufactured pump is 95% of a completely new unit.

New brass rotors

New stators

New seals

New bearings

Core pump completely dismantled including motor

All 4 bronze housings acid-dipped and sandblasted to bare metal, then clear-coated

Motor housing tumbled and sandblasted, painted gray

Core field coils cleaned, checked, new terminals and insulation if needed. If badly damaged, replaced with new coils. Field coil shoes replaced with refurbished ones, shimmed for correct gaps

Core armature carefully tested. If found usable, it is cleaned, polished, and clear-coated. If not good, it is rewound or replaced with a new armature

All new brush holders and brushes

Base replaced with new or exc. sandblasted

Motor tested for vibration and current draw

Unit reassembled and tested on toilet test stand

Unit painted and labeled

Pump retested before delivery or shipment to customer

One year warranty


(Based on detailed analysis of recently built pumps we receive for repair)

In general, their remanufactured pump is somewhat lower quality than our rebuilt.

New Delrin plastic rotors

New stators

New seals

Unit partially dismantled, pump housings lightly cleaned

Motor tested. If runs normally, used as-is. If not, parts replaced as needed

Motor exterior lightly cleaned, base replaced if rusted through

Unit reassembled and lightly painted (over chipped old paint and rust), then labeled

Unit tested and shipped


Refurbished Pump Parts
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Old Pump Parts
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In general, if we receive an ugly pump that doesn't work, we return a better-looking pump that runs correctly. Motor must be usable without parts replacement other than bearings

Initial inspection to determine motor usability

If rotors damaged or plastic, replaced with good polished brass rotors

New stators

New seals

Unit partially dismantled, bronze housings acid dipped and lightly cleaned

Motor opened, cleaned

New bearings if needed

New or good used base

Motor tested for vibration and current draw

Pump reassembled, light sanding and paint prep

Pump painted, labeled

Pump run on test stand

Pump returned to customer

90-day warranty

OTHER PUMP REBUILDS- Raz Marine also rebuilds many other European and Domestic pumps, including Gianneschi, Flotec/Sears, Jabsco, Groco, Headhunter, and Oberdorfer.
Gianneschi PumpsFlotec/Sears Pumps Jabsco Groco Pumps Headhunter Pumps O

We do Custom Painting of your Pumps
Also we rebuild your non-GM pumps.

Custom Painted Pumps
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Custom Painted Pumps
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Custom Painted Pumps
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Reasons to KEEP your existing head system

Galley Maid Head Pumps


The designers at Hatteras, Bertram, Viking and others had many considerations in specifying Galley-Maid toilet systems for their 45-70 ft. yachts. For reasons of economy and simplicity they avoided central systems, and stayed with free-standing units. In central systems if the main pump fails all toilets are disabled. Free-standing toilet units have recently fallen out of favor due to increasing size of new yachts. This does NOT affect their effectiveness on YOUR boat.

Replacing the toilet system on your boat WILL cost many thousands of dollars. Benefits to be derived from replacement toilets are slim at best.
Keep your Galley-Maids !!!  

  1. Your Galley-Maid head is the most aggressive on the market yet is nearly silent in operation. The pump unit is located below decks, allowing a very compact toilet unit in the accommodation. It incorporates a macerator, reducing risk of blockages.

  2. It is available in all voltages including 32Vdc, the predominant voltage found in older vessels.

  3. It won't turn on at all hours, disturbing you. Does not rely on vacuum storage which routinely develops leaks due to waste trapped in the rubber check valves, chronically starting the pump.

  4. With fresh or sea water operation, it consumes less than 1/2 gallon per flush, conserving both fresh water and holding tank capacity.

  5. No remotely-located components.

  6. When cycled at least weekly, it will deliver long, odor-free, reliable service.

  7. Simple, on-board repairs possible for most common maintenance issues.

  8. Prompt exchange or repair of damaged pumps.

  9. Only when you understand these pumps can you maintain and repair them. Unlike many systems on your boat, these pumps are manageable and field-repairable without specialized tools.

 Yossi Raz, Founder Raz Marine (1937-2013)

Yossi Raz He was born Yossef O. Raz in 1937 in Old Jerusalem, into a family already residing there for 3 generations. He left his home at the age of 10 and lived through the first tumultuous years of Israel's establishment, carved by Britain and the fledgling United Nations out of former semi-states of Palestine and "Transjordan". Jews who have this background, and to a far lesser extent ALL native-born residents of Israel, are known as "Sabra", after a regionally-found cactus which has thorny tough skin and a soft, sweet interior.

Yossi served his mandatory three year enlistment (age 18-21) in the Israeli Army, operating and maintaining tanks (old WW2 US Sherman M4E8 vehicles). His enlistment exposed him to several skirmishes with rebellious Arab tribesmen. During his service, he was wounded several times and, in 1967, while serving in the Reserves, during the "Six Days War" the tank under his command exploded after entering a mine field. He was the only survivor of that incident.

More of Founder Yossi Raz

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